Competency Based Interview Skills Training

A competency interview (also referred to as a situational, behavioural or competency based interview) is a style of interviewing often used to evaluate a candidate's competence, particularly when it is hard to select on the basis of technical merit. Getfeedback provide training in competency based assessment, using a well researched competency framework. The competency based interview gives valuable insights into an individual's preferred style of working and help predict behaviours in future situations.

Features and Benefits

  • Shown to have 50% more predictive validity than traditional interviewing
  • Especially effective when evaluating candidates for senior roles
  • Captures evidence of individual performance against a framework of behaviours required to succeed in a dynamic and challenging role
  • The experience is more pleasant for the interviewee, allowing them to give an accurate account of their capabilities, and gain a positive impression of the hiring organisation

Course Aims

This course will equip delegates to become familiar and proficient in the following areas of competency based interviewing:

  • Subjective versus objective structured assessment including its benefits and sources of bias and inaccuracy
  • Techniques for the interviewer to get the candidate to 'open-up' to them
  • Using competency based interviewing alongside other assessments such as psychometric tests
  • Effective use of 'Observe, Record, Clarify, Evaluate' (ORCE) and its importance in objective assessment
  • How to maintain inter-rater reliability when combining feedback from multiple assessors
  • Best practice Competency based Interviewing and the legality around things to do and things to avoid
  • The use of 'Core Competencies' relative to the job profile


Candidates will become accredited assessors in the use of the Schroder High Performance Framework. This framework can easily be tailored to map against an organisation's own framework (Competency Mapping)

Behavioural Event Interviewing is a dynamic form of interviewing. One of our qualified consultants will guide your candidate to tell the story of successful and unsuccessful outcomes in recent business roles whilst they skilfully probe and clarify exactly how success was achieved. Because the interviewee is recalling their story in an order that makes sense to them, accurate recall is enhanced and even the most nervous interviewees are given the best chance to accurately portray evidence of their strengths and weaknesses.